The big news you’ve all been waiting for IS FINALLY HERE! I am opening enrolment for my first ever month long “Build Your Handstand” course. This will be an online LIVE course with only 15 applicants being accepted.


  • Starting July 6th (enrolment starts today!)
  • 8 live classes via zoom
  • Recordings of the classes are yours FOR LIFE
  • 7AM Tuesday and Thursday
  • €120 for entire 4 week course with drop in rates available
  • All levels welcome and perfect for those who are willing to try, fail and try again!
  • Perfect for yoga teachers looking for new skills to teach


ALL 8 CLASSES     ……. €120
ANY 4 CLASSES    ……. €70
ANY 2 CLASSES    ……. €36
1 CLASS DROP IN  ……. €20

I have been on my handstand journey for over 6 years and only in the last year, with consistent practice and the right tools, have I been able to finally catch a strong handstand shape. In the journey there are a few things I have discovered to be the most important secrets in developing your handstand practice :

  • Being held accountable in your consistency
  • Regular practice
  • Repetition of the right strengthening drills
  • Knowing your unique body’s strengths and weaknesses and working with what you are best at
  • Finding the best entrance into handstand FOR YOU
  • Learning to breath in a handstand

If you have been trying to improve your handstands for a while and find yourself stuck and frustrated then I am here to assist and guide you. I can promise that I will give you the confidence to unearth the strength you already have and share with you all the tools you need to progress. This course stands apart from others firstly because I am brand new to the handstand game which means the barriers that held me back, the frustrations that arose, the drills that specifically worked in making the progress click, are still so FRESH in my body and mind. Secondly, many handstand workshops and classes online come with all the tools but are missing the KEY ingredient to achieving your goal of balancing on your hands : ACCOUNTABILITY! The one thing that slowed my progress down and stopped me from making tangible lasting changes was lack of consistency. This course is going to help you create that habit of showing up for the hard stuff, so that we can one day enjoy the results.

What to expect :

  1. An intimate group of like minded people to encourage and share the journey with. With only 15 people being accepted to this private group, the familiarity of their faces is going to create a concrete environment where your body is immediately in the zone to pick up where you left off in each new class.
  2. A private insight into my complete experience in strengthening handstands including many tricks I learned from expert Dylan Weiner in my 500 hour training.
  3. The online zoom classes means I will be able to see you practice and correct your individual form, giving you assistance in knowing where you are going wrong and how to improve.
  4. I have chosen a small group as the most important part of this course is that you each get individual attention from me. I will be able to guide you step by step in finding what handstand type (as there are many!) works for you personally.
  5. Each class will include brand new information and new movements to work on. We will practice together as a group repeating the strengthening drills while also having time, workshop style, to ask questions and put into action our handstand practice while I attend to each individual.
  6. Whatsaap group where we encourage each other to show up for our self practice daily!
  7. Recordings of the classes so that you can have the valuable content FOR LIFE and continue to strengthen long after the 4 weeks are over.

If you are someone who has wanted to handstand but have found that your past failures have left you feeling unmotivated and often stuck, then this course is going to in-still the confidence you need to re-connect with your passion for the journey. To book your limited space and avail of the early bird price (which only lasts for 48 hours) email me at NOW.

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.”

Who is this course suitable for :

  1. You are available for the LIVE classes
  2. You have always wanted to try hadnstanding and are not afraid to fail before you succeed
  3. You can handstand but are afraid of coming away from the wall
  4. You like to work in a group environment being inspired by other’s effort
  5. You feel fear is holding you back in your handstand practice
  6. You would benefit from a teacher’s one on one guidance and adjustments

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