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At Sweaty Soul, we have a range of classes to suit all levels and curiosities. Click through the options below and find the best fit for you!

Classes for all Levels

Le Sweat + Le Stretch Yoga is for all levels. With this class plan you will realize your body’s full potential by unlocking your true flexibility. By working flexibility we reduce muscle resistance and increase strength without even needing to add more muscle. This flexibility plan will help you gain complete access to your strength by opening up your body through yin and yang-style stretching, dynamic stretches, static strength holds, and more.
Each week will vary and switch between focusing on full body to specific body areas, working to release tension and vastly improve your range of motion, regardless of your physical activity.

Breathing is essential for movement so you can expect each class to finish with Pranayama Meditation. When you learn proper breathing and meditation, your body and mind join forces, further amplifying your strength.

To harness your true strength, you must incorporate flexibility into your workout regimen. It is key to maximizing muscle use and could be what’s holding you back from reaching your next level!

A slow mindful asana flow providing the opportunity to linger quietly and savour the simple sweetness and deep relaxation within each pose. These soothing and well supported poses (we don’t skimp on the props!) help to soothe the nervous system and rejuvenate the mind and body. Throughout this restorative class we will focus on breath awareness to help cultivate openness and deep relaxation. Restorative Yoga has a particular ability to leave us nourished and well rested, helping to support you during times of stress, fatigue or for when you are just plain over-worked! You will experience a deeply relaxing, meditative practice and leave refreshed and ready for a new day.

Yin Yoga at its core is a magical celebration of your body and all its idiosyncrasies. It involves you adopting certain poses to your body’s ability and holding them for a considerable length of time, usually between 3 and 10 minutes. Through these long holds, you will ultimately learn how to sit with yourself in stillness. Anatomically, you will access tissue that your Yang Yoga practices don’t enable you to target.
You will be challenged, and you will be uncomfortable, but that’s the whole point. Every second that you remain in an uncomfortable situation you gain strength in dealing with discomfort. You will recognise the role that the mind plays in magnifying the experience and you will, with practice, become better able to minimise this role.

In this class we will focus on going back to basics and deepening our foundation in order to strengthen or yoga practice. The steadier pace will mean we can pay attention to our alignment, breath and experience a connection with our physical bodies and mental strength.

It’s Friday! The perfect day to squeeze in a yoga class before the weekend. This shorter class will pack in enough to help you feel like you’ve moved and worked every part of your body before you go back to the office or continue you on with your day. We’ll focus on strong postures to condition your body and strengthen your core which are beneficial to all, whether it’s to complement your fitness or a break from the computer screen. We’ll improve the mobility in our hips and shoulders, helping to relieve back pain and improve your posture. We like giving you a challenge so all levels are catered for, this means you can continue to progress or take it easier depending on the kind of week you’ve had. As well as the physical poses, we’ll learn simple breathing and mindfulness techniques so that you can continue to feel the benefits of the class whenever you find yourself facing stress or looking for relaxation.

This class is designed to take you on a journey deep within. The main focus will be on hips. Allot of your energetic blocks and suppressed trauma are stored in that area. Stuck emotions will begin to show themselves and unravel in an environment where you feel safe, in addition to that, intention and breath will drive these stuck emotions to freedom. Yin Yoga poses stimulate the meridian lines which run through the major organs of the body. When we work through the layers of the body we also work through the layers of our emotions.
Hip opening poses can be challenging, yet so releasing at the same time. I will help you find your edge between comfort and discomfort. The class will end with a sound bath whilst you deeply relax into your pentacle pose, leaving you feeling deeply nourished and alive.

The main focus will be yin style, slowly progressing to a more powerful sequence from week to week.

Yoga is about acknowledging the subtleties within us while deepening the connection to the self and universe. Our breath is the most powerful tool to guide our yoga practice on a deeper, more intimate level. Where the breath goes, the mind follows. When we can harness the breath, we gain power and control over the mind and body. This class will combine your deepest strength in breath, mind and physical body resulting in unearthing your truest, innate power. A strong connection to our breath combined with a strong yang style asana series will result in a post yoga glow like no other!

Intermediate Classes

Bring energy and awareness to your core! This dynamic core flow class will strengthen the whole body. A strong core is a necessary component in all postures. This class is great for toning your core, arms & legs, and it’s good for pulling focus out of your head and into your body & heart. A very grounding and energizing class that features many core strengthening poses.

A Pilates class for the fit and injury-free who want to move with pace, flow and purpose. Incorporating all of the well established benefits of Pilates, using weights, foam rollers and other props to go that extra inch or lose it! Building strength, improving mobility while releasing patterns of tension and hopefully breaking a smile or a sweat! To attend this class you must have attended at least one Pilates class previously.

Advanced Classes

All forms of the asana practice are variations of moving meditation. Using elements of vinyasa flow, paired with arm balances and inversions, we link our breath with movement giving ourselves acute focus on the present moment and freeing ourselves from distractions of the past and future. Join our Sweaty Soul teachers in this fun but challenging flow class where you will use your breath, mind and body to flow through surya namaskars, strong standing postures, arm balances and inversions. Yogis should expect to sweat, work hard, learn a few things and more importantly, feel good while enjoying their practice.

Our power classes are faster, energetic, flow classes that build strength, endurance, flexibility, and concentration. These classes give your physical body an ultimate workout, focus, and steady your mind, increase proprioceptive awareness, calm your CNS, and replenish your energy stores. Please be mindful of your body and always modify or slow down as you need!