Bitter sweet transformation for Sweaty Soul

It is with a full heart, and hints of sorrow, that I am bringing you the news that I have decided Sweaty Soul Studio in the IFSC Dublin will not be reopening. I want to share with you honestly how I have come to this decision and then explain exactly how Sweaty Soul is far from over but, in my eyes, is about to reach its full potential and truest form.

For those who have been part of our community for any part of the past four years it has been a special journey of bonding, exploration, and growth both individually and collectively. I am beyond proud of the tight knit friendship that has become the grounding force at Sweaty Soul and it one of the main reasons I have pushed through the challenges in running the business. It goes without saying that during this time apart I have missed the studio and it’s sweat condensed walls terribly! I have no doubt that you all have been left with a part of your routine feeling barren without the 3 dimensional aspect, the short but sweet conversations before and after class and then of course the guidance through this timeless practice. We have together, missed every aspect of the studio.

But let me remind you that we are all still in this together whether in person or from a distance. We’re still practicing together but now without our small little space in the heart of Dublin, getting the time to work on our own development while still in the company and support of one another. This consistency of practice and community that had prevailed has given me the strength to take the next pivotal step for Sweaty Soul. In getting to know each of you and watching your practice grow I have also been opened to learning a lot about myself! I think part of our positive energy is rooted in the authenticity of how we share ourselves in the studio and in closing the studio I want to keep that alive.

I struggled massively in running the studio and for a lot of it the strain of keeping it all afloat financially and functionally took quite a toll on me emotionally. I felt no matter how much I gave it was never enough which eventually meant I wasn’t able to bring my best self in serving you all. Of course I then felt that I was failing each of you so in all honesty when lockdown happened there was a subtle feeling of relief. It took me a while to listen or allow myself to acknowledge this feeling with the feelings of shame. But it was one of our kind Sweaty Soul family members who shared something with me that reminded me it’s ok to be vulnerable. She emailed me to say it was how we as SS teachers shared our struggles that inspired her to be intuitive in life and on her mat.

I now have the courage to share that running the studio was, a dream yes, but not the dream life I want to create for myself or the service I wish to share. If I am to serve my community I need to serve myself first. In taking Sweaty Soul fully online I remove the financial drain of running a studio in Dublin. I remove the management time that took away from my freedom to be creative in class planning. And it opens the door to endless possibility in sharing the core values we have together built. I now have the opportunity to create a successful career for myself, success being something that evokes truth, love and the ability for boundless growth.

Sweaty Soul stands for so much more than a daily asana practice or building a strong body. It is a way of life and path that directs us in discovering our power to chose the life of love, boundless energy and peace that we all deserve. Our online membership will include a variety of brand new classes every week including meditations, both short and long classes, strength drill videos and intensive workshops! All of this weekly/monthly content will be saved to our private membership archive so you will have access to the back log at any time and any where. For me personally I love the freedom to practice at a time every day that suits my energy, my schedule and my mood. It means that you may start with a 30 minute class and find you have fired up your motivation and have time to squeeze some strength or flexibility drills. We end up gaining time, which before may have been used in the commute to the studio, and being able to dedicate more time and energy to what really serves us when we show up to our mat.

I am so so excited that the potential to deepen our connection to our practice and in turn ourselves, with Sweaty Soul Living, is limitless. This community is not just an online class subscription. As I mentioned the reward I experienced form keeping Sweaty Soul Studio alive was the COMMUNITY and family we created and I intend, before anything else, to continue our safe space where we share joy, encouragement and discovery. We will have a private facebook group where we can share recipes, books and scheduled ‘chat’ LIVES resulting in the continuation of our bond.

Not only this, but we will have dedicated retreats (in Crete) for our Sweaty Soul Living Members that will be at a discounted rate (starting summer 2021!). Those who have attended before, this magical retreat experience I have been so lucky to create, is one that has become a yearly ritual for you. And now there will be the added bonus of 1) it being more affordable and 2) sharing it with a special community and tight knit group of yogis.

Online is not for everyone. And I can completely appreciate that the closing of the studio will be a very sad and disruptive change for those of you who are not inclined to move online. A full practice for some of us is not restricted to one teacher or style of yoga and I understand that this is not only a transition to virtual yoga, but an ending to our amazing teachers who have shared so generously their knowledge with us daily. I simply want to say that there is no way I can express my gratitude to each of you for the love and support you have given me and our Sweaty Soul instructors.

The space we helped each other create is something that will never cease as it will remain a part of my heart always. I will never forget the memories as they are what has moulded the journey which has helped me express my goals, dreams and the confidence to listen to my gut. I hope that we will be able to meet again whether it’s here in Dublin or on one of my future retreats. If there’s anything you ever need please don’t hesitate to reach out.


I. Yoga at any time/place
II. Archive of classes that you can repeat and return to
III. Easy access to your ‘favourite playlist’ of classes
IV. Both quality and quantity for an extremely affordable price
V. Precious time saved in having no commute
VI. Obstacles such as weather/family responsibilities/commute restrictions/delays at work no
longer effecting your practice
VII. Moulding your own practice to suit your unique needs on a daily basis
VIII.The freedom to work on your unique weaknesses making more progress than ever before
IX. Part of an worldwide online community who are there to support motivate and inspire

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