Believe in Yourself : Yoga & Running Retreat

I am inviting you to my first ever retreat combining running, yoga and meditation. I am like you! Being human means we are all flawed, have weaknesses, strive to live life fully, but often find ourselves lost in feelings of disconnection or lack of purpose. I have found from my yoga practice and dedication to running I have learned a few things that can help you daily recognise you have the intrinsic power to take control of your life and ultimately your happiness. This retreat will encompass all of these elements and be the end of the seven days, you will truly believe in your power to take control of your life :

  1. A community of movers helps us not only stay accountable but affirms that WE ALL experience the same struggle in creating healthy habits. When we come together and witness, as humans, we work better together, and that our purpose in creating quality living is communal, you instantly unearth your in-built strength.
  2. There will always be ‘off’ days. Showing up for daily movement, even when it’s the last thing you want to do, makes you far more aware of the ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days. In being aware that this is constantly fluctuating and most of the time out of your control, you begin to grasp less tightly to the days when it feels progression is building, and fear the days when it’s plain hard less. When we expect the days that are hard we become less reactive and are more likely to keep showing up regardless of the waves of progress.
  3. As humans we are quick to judge and be negative. Before you say this is a pessimistic outlook let me explain 🙂 Being fearful and predicting the most negative outcome, from our hunter gatherer beginnings, is inbuilt to be far more useful in navigating ‘safely’ through life. Although it can be helpful when we need to act quickly in order to protect ourselves, this auto-response to be fearful of worst case scenarios can limit us to a thought process that is totally untrue and false. Moving daily and taking action beyond the fear-based thoughts, forces us to witness that the negative story in our heads is FAKE NEWS. Your potential is not limited by the stories in your head. You don’t have to believe your thoughts – what a relief!
  4. Dedicating time to a daily movement habit will reshape the way you think about progress and success, and give you the tools and strategies you need to transform your moment to moment living. If you’re having trouble changing your habits, the problem isn’t you. The problem is your mindset and systems. Bad habits repeat themselves again and again not because you don’t want to change, but because you have the wrong system for change. This retreat will give you the starter you need to begin the daily system of introducing compounding habits within your routine.
  5. Combining meditation with yoga and running has transformed the entire experience for me. When we take time to pause , we don’t know what will happen next. But by disrupting our habitual behaviours and thinking, we open to the possibility of new and creative ways of responding to our wants and fears. Through the sacred art of pausing, we develop the capacity stop hiding, to stop running away from our experience and we begin to trust in our natural intelligence, in our capacity to be open to whatever arises.

This week has always been about empowering people to connect with each other, but more so realising that under all the layers of ‘things’ we perceive we need in order to be happy, that in reality we are always and have always been complete just as we are. Life is short, and in this week long retreat, I plan on creating a space for you to take hold of the choice you have to live immediately. In that immediacy we will be able to tune in to all that we have and in turn move forward into a life of our choosing. Coming together as a community after all that we’ve experienced in these months is going to be pure magic and I am beyond excited to share it with you all.

I decided to attend Molly’s retreat after a friend had attended twice previously. I didn’t expect my practice to improve so much or to enjoy myself quite as much as I have done. Thanks Molly for a wonderful week, I will be back!

– Caroline Joyce

After successfully running retreats internationally and at home in Ireland for over three years now, I have been lucky enough to be inspired by the hundreds of beautiful yogis who have joined me. In witnessing the individual experiences of each attendee and the overwhelming positive response in being able to simply be led within a daily routine, I have created this retreat to include all the best bits : a strong balance of structure and time to chill, individual running schedule, daily yoga and activities (such as hiking), and of course all the tasty and nutritious greek food. This week-long getaway offers a storybook Mediterranean setting to begin your physical and personal experience. You’ll stay in a picturesque location with inspiring scenery and one of the best European climates – perfect for spring, fall or winter adventures.

5 – 12 MAY 2021

SHARING €999 // PRIVATE €1299 includes :
  • 7 nights accommodation based on two/three sharing
  • Breakfast and lunch each day
  • 1 x hiking adventure
  • 1 x yoga class daily
  • 1 x guided run daily
  • Transfers to and from airport*

*Transfers to and from airport are only included if you are on the recommended flights or are available for pick up at the specified arrival times.

What is not included :

Evening meal
Extra activities / hikes
Travel insurance
Flights to Crete

You can reserve your space with a deposit of €300 (non refundable).

Daily Run

Our days will begin early with meditation and a full body warm up, followed by our group run guided virtually. We will begin together, listening to a daily guided run created by myself, which every day will work toward improving different aspects of our running skills. My queues and advise will bring you step by step through your runs, motivating and inspiring you to achieve what you set out to do – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Whether your goal is simply to get out and move, to increase your distance, improve your pace, or simply bust your love-hate mindset toward running, we will personally hit those milestones alongside the support of our group.

My teaching style

Well, here I am! I have been practising yoga for nearly 10 years and over five years ago I took the leap leaving home for the east coast of Mexico, to complete my 200-hour YTT. Since then I have been exploring the kind of teacher I am passionate about being and what exactly I intend to share with those I am lucky enough to connect with. I am certified as a Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha yoga instructor and recently undertook the most intense month long training, under the awe inspiring Dylan Werner. In completing my 300 hour training Dylan demonstrated the kind of service I dream of sharing with each of you, where he transformed both my practice, teaching and self belief. I now am on a journey toward becoming the teacher I feel I was destined to become and just cannot wait to share my knowledge with you all.

Aris hotel

Aris, unlike other hotels, is called an “art hotel” for good reason. In the outside and inside spaces of the hotel, there is an open gallery of excellent handmade art items, made by the artists of the family. Apart from the art items, the architecture of the hotel – for both the building and the lush gardens – compliments the art profile of aris hotel. Every year many of our beloved guests say how stunned they are by our magnificent hotel gardens.

Who is this retreat for?

This week away is for both men and women who are in the mood for something new and perhaps slightly out of their comfort zone. You do not have to be a ‘runner’ or a ‘yogi.’ We all have to start somewhere and if not now, when? All levels are welcome but one requirement is that you come to share this experience and work as a team.

I am the proud creator of a worldwide running group who share personal and group goals, but mostly cultivate a safe space to show up for ourselves and each other. When you see your achievement reflect upon a fellow person’s decision to stay on track, it is here that magic and life-changing shifts occur. This retreat will be again, a safe environment where we push boundaries, break through self-limiting beliefs and ultimately help each other unveil our unique truth – that we are destined for happiness, peace and joy. By day seven, I hope to have created an environment where you can embrace yourself completely and feel invigorated in returning to (perhaps) a new way of living within your old routine. You can make this retreat anything you need it to be – simply jump into the unknown with an open heart!

***Please note you must have proof of fully comprehensive travel insurance to attend the retreat. See Terms & Conditions below.

Any further questions please don’t hesitate to email me at

Please be carefully read all policies as outlined here

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05 May 2021 - 12 May 2021



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