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How to make healthier shopping decisions

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie, I hear ya! I get a lot of questions about how I afford my, what seems like, never ending weekly purchases when I am on a yoga teacher salary. IYKYK. This post most certainly does not outline tips on how to save, (if you find out how, please do fill me in!) but hopefully will give you the tools to use when you find yourself making irrational choices with your spending and purchases. Let’s dedicate our time to shopping smarter, removing guilt, and creating a safe and happy environment so that we never feel ‘out of control’ when filling out our closet!

1. My number one is DEPOP. Recycling clothes that have given you joy but are no longer being worn is the best way to fund a new purchase. It can be a difficult decision to sell an item that you have formed an attachment to. But honestly ask yourself ‘Will I wear it again’? Will I miss it/or even remember it? Is it a staple item that can be styled many ways? Will the money it makes me fund an item that will give me far more joy?


2. Wishlist tracking. I keep tabs open on my desktop and ‘wishlist’ on insta/notes of items that I reeeeeally want. These vary from expensive to affordable pieces. I check and edit it regularly, making sure the list includes only pieces I cannot live without! When I am close to making a purchase, especially one influenced by social media, I have a few things I check first. 1) The €x amount is worth spending rather than saving for one of the pieces on my ‘wishlist.’ Don’t forget that all those smaller purchases add up and take away from the final bigger purchase. 2) Is this piece one that I have NOTHING similar to? I often realise I have three cardigans that are almost identical. WHY?

3. FOMO. Do not let FOMO make you feel like you have to splurge your savings. I briefly touched on this above but it’s such an important one. It is the job of an influencer to INFLUENCE YOU! So they whip out all the stops to do their job well when working with brands/ads/affiliates. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be a successful influencer and let’s face it – they have bills to pay! But on the other hand it is not YOUR job to be influenced! Therefore slow down, take a deep breath, and assess your personal wishlist, your funds and what’s in your closet before you make the purchase influenced by FOMO tactics. I promise most items that SELL OUT come back in stock.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. — Edith Head

4. Closet clear outs once a month. Get familiar with your closet and have it organised and tidy. Often you forget what you have/don’t have. It’s important to be well acquainted with items you own before you start adding to them. I see a beautiful yellow trench coat, but I know a tan trench is a much better versatile staple piece to add to your closet. Wait until you find a tan trench you love just as much, will get much more use of, therefore being a ‘richer’ purchase.
5. Know your body shape and what works for YOU. This has been a hard one for me. Another big mistake I used to make was lusting after items because they looked so beautiful on others. Then I would be disappointed when it didn’t look ‘as good’ on me! I don’t buy v neck ANYTHING because I now know I am uncomfortable with my cleavage on show. I would often wonder why I ended up never wearing items I loved – but sometimes loving a style or a piece isn’t enough. At the end of the day we want to FEEL good in what we wear. Know the shapes, neck lines, cuts that work for you so you don’t make the wrong purchase, especially online!
6. Staple vs trend. I try to keep my investment purchases only for staple and timeless pieces in my closet (although I’m a sucker for occasion dresses and have been known to splash out on adorable floral numbers!). I keep my trend purchases to a minimum but that being said they can often be that bit of fun and spice that you can add to an outfit. No harm in playing with trends, after all that’s what fashion is all about, but when it comes to spending smart try to stay on the path of staple over fleeting fashion as much as possible.

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