My name is Molly and I am a Summer kind of gal! Winter is a time where I predominantly spend the short days counting down the minutes until I no longer have to squeeze all my activities into reduced daylight and unpredictable wet weather. The ONLY thing I enjoy about Winter season is the festivities of Christmas and most of all the gift buying that comes hand in hand with it!

As you all know I have an addiction to shopping, not only for the simple thrill of bringing something new into my life but the thoughtfulness that goes around finding and selecting a piece you love. When I then get to spend an entire four weeks, in the lead up to Christmas, doing this for OTHERS, I am in my absolute element!

SO, here I have selected a few unique and beautiful pieces that I feel anyone would be delighted with (including me!).

Make giving this Christmas extra sweet

  1. Cos Mulberry Loose Knickers : This little matching set is on my wish-list for a number of reasons – I rarely treat myself to cute underwear; I feel this could be worn with a blazer and heals out on the town; and all of my bras are from COS and they are my all time fav (and so affordable!).
  2. Acne Scarf : Buy me anything Acne and I’ll love you forever. I have a few pieces by this brand and they are items for life. Beautifully designed, quality craft and a uni-sex brand so suitable for all!
  3. Shell Pot : Because who doesn’t want a giant shell?! I am not one for ornaments or clutter. But I do like to jazz up my book shelves with stand out pieces to jazz up my home. This is stunning on it’s own but imagine a vibrant leafy plant flowing out of it – dreamy!
  4. Lust for Los Angeles : Coffee table books, in my opinion, could be the number one best gift. You don’t have to worry if it suits the person’s style, or even if they’ll get good use out of it. The beauty of a coffee table book is that it’s something that one can dip in and out of, appreciating it’s contents over years, and it is also the kind of thing no one ever buys for themselves! I have this book – IT’S WORTH THE COST!
  5. Card Holder : Again i think one of the best kind of gifts is something you wouldn’t usually buy for yourself. A piece that you have always wanted but could never justify treating yourself to without feeling over-indulgent. Queue – Gucci card holder.
  6. Backpack : In this very active era where we always have somewhere to be and an immense abundance of things to bring (keep cup, water bottle, laptop, earphones, iPhone charger etc) the backpack is the new briefcase! This one I have and literally every day I get complimented. Understated, classic, and has all the compartments you could need.
  7. Copenhagen Cup : When I visited Copenhagen two years ago I invested in a his and hers pair of these cups. To this day we both refuse to drink out of anything else on a Saturday morning! Coffee is such a part our morning ritual at the weekend where we get to enjoy making a full pot and relaxing with mug in hand. Add in a ground bag of roasted brown and the receiver will be thinking of you every morning when they enjoy that first sip!
  8. Thermodynamic Running Leggings : Take it outdoors in these warm, insulating thermal leggings with a tuxedo stripe. The technical thermal fabric holds in just the right amount of warmth. I have these and I literally refuse to run in anything else with this sub-zero Irish weather. They’ve kept me so so cosy!
  9. Yoga Retreat : Giving an experience has always been my favourite way of gifting someone I love. There’s no better way of sharing your time and love by offering the opportunity of creating irreplaceable memories. If you have a partner who loves travel and being active then sign her/him/both of you up to any of my 2020 retreats! There are loads to choose from and each has something for everyone 🙂

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