Experience an amazing six class yoga series, which has been
crafted intentionally to explore limitless strength.

Free for all current subscribers or only €39 for non-subscribers!

Welcome to Sweaty Soul Living’s first ever strength series! This six part series offers a holistic approach to strengthening your body through dynamic vinyasa sequencing. These powerful yoga flows will push you to explore undiscovered physical abilities, translating newfound confidence to not only your practice, but your every day life.
Imagine having a regular yoga practice that embraces your strongest body and cultivates your happiest self.

— Molly Mckeever

SSL Leader

Who is this for?

  • Those who already have a daily practice and enjoy stepping out of comfort
  • Those who are finding it difficult to find classes that challenges or drives them
  • These classes are not suitable for beginners
  • This series will not be for people those who only like strict traditional vinyasa


How do I signup?

Simply click the link above to access the content. All non-subscribers will be directed to a signup page where you can purchase the content for a one-off €39. If you are already a subscriber then you can find the videos located within your members platform!

I’m already a SSL subscriber, do I need to pay extra?

No. We are including these workouts as part of your subscription. Simply click the link above to access the content or head to your members area to view the videos alongside the rest of the library.

Can I access other content once I sign up?

All non-subscribers that purchase this course as a one-off fee will not be able to access any of the workouts in the SSL package. Why not subscribe to our monthly membership and get access to this course as well as over 50 other workouts!

How long can I access the series?

Once purchased, the workouts will be available to view forever!