A revamp birthday gift from us to you!

What a year it has been! As most of you know I closed the studio permanently a few months after covid hit last year and took my teaching completely online with the launch of Sweaty Soul Living, July 2020. It has been an amazing journey and I am beyond excited to share what I have planned for the coming year.

Reading back over the post I shared in announcing the closing of Sweaty Soul Studio I was humbled by the honesty at which I showed in sharing my experience of running the studio. Even though I think it is important to focus on the good, I feel it is also crucial to remain open and give a true account of what this year has been like for me. Yes I have moulded the life I have dreamed of in creating a completely mobile business – which is obvious from currently writing this post from Crete where I have now lived and worked for 2 months! But there are many things I ‘failed’ in this year. Creating a community online provides far more barriers than when you are in an in-person studio environment and because of that, I definitely struggled in hitting goals I had set when it came to the numbers (both members and financials). It is so easy to spiral into a story of failure and lose all sense of self-belief, especially when you’re only getting to see numbers (or lack there of) on the screen, without getting to see the most important aspect of the business – the people that show up for your teaching! There are a few things that helped me get through the days I wanted to give up and pull myself back onto the road FORWARD :

  1. I took my own advice and just kept showing up for the work. Sometimes it seems online that everyone loves every aspect of life and work. In my mind, this is an overwhelming amount of pressure to put ourselves under and a totally unrealistic bar to set yourself. Sometimes I don’t enjoy having to show up for teaching. But I always enjoy the feeling after when I feel I have offered something that will change at least one persons day. It’s similar to saving money! You don’t always enjoy the process of having to give up on things you want in the moment – but you never regret the final result!
  2. I started doing work that I enjoyed even though it made me no money! My fashion videos I share on Youtube are simply my way of enjoying my love of clothes and joy when it comes to creating 🙂 Spending time doing things I loved and making it part of my weekly routine spilled over into the rest of my life resulting in a lift in confidence and energy.
  3. While we’re on the topic of routine! Especially living within the confines of a pandemic building a routine that I could manage was so helpful. It took away the time for wallowing or procrastinating and allowed me to see that failing to get things done was a result of time management and nothin to do with ‘being lazy.’ You are not destined to be defined by one label – you are what you repeatedly do. Therefore change the habit and you will change the result!

One of the biggest things I have learned from this year is that there is not one mould for success and limiting myself to the idea of one final goal is a sure way toward daily anxiety! This in a way has led me to the updates coming to our membership and website as it is going to give me the freedom to add fuel to other aspects of my work-life that I love – YouTube, live classes, in person workshops, retreats, teaching courses. So basically what I’m saying is : watch this space!

Getting to know our SSL community and taking on board their feedback has resulted in this major update to the site. Creating a home practice can be one of the most exciting journeys when you start to experience the endless benefits : roll out your mat whenever the mood strikes, create your own timetable, feed your personal needs with the type of class your body craves, save time on commuting. But it can also be quite overwhelming when you are given so much freedom and choice. It can leave you sometimes quite stuck when you can’t find the drive or motivation to practice. The update to our membership means the responsibility of choosing is eliminated completely! And here’s how :

  1. We now have a weekly schedule where each day you can simply show up and select the class I have allocated for that specific day! No time wasted choosing!
  2. We have changed the whole layout of the homepage so that all the (150+) classes are separated into specific categories so that if it’s handstands you’re in the mood for you simply select that category. If you have only a short amount of time free to practice you select 30 minute classes. The list goes on and on but you get the idea!
  3. Less is more they say and feedback from our members has run true to this. We used to have three new classes each week but is became a little guilt inducing when our members found they couldn’t keep up each week. So with the relaunch, there will be one new class each week with more time to focus on goals throughout the month’s theme.
  4. The most exciting update which I think you will all be totally onboard with, is that the pricing is being massively reduced!!!! Originally our membership was €29 monthly. It is now €14.99 monthly and only €99 for the entire year : This works out at ONLY €8.25 PER MONTH!

With less quantity brings more quality. Not only will we be more efficient and dedicated to our practice as a community, but as your guide I will have more time to show up for LIVE classes. This will be an aspect I am very excited about introducing very soon!


I. Yoga at any time/place
II. Archive of classes that you can repeat and return to
III. Easy access to your ‘favourite playlist’ of classes
IV. Both quality and quantity for an extremely affordable price
V. Precious time saved in having no commute
VI. Obstacles such as weather/family responsibilities/commute restrictions/delays at work no
longer effecting your practice
VII. Moulding your own practice to suit your unique needs on a daily basis
VIII.The freedom to work on your unique weaknesses making more progress than ever before
IX. Part of an worldwide online community who are there to support motivate and inspire

On a closing note, I would like to express my ever-growing gratitude to our community and the support they have shown me and each other. Each of you have given me the confidence and strength to continuously show up for myself in leading this group of yoga-warriors! By no means has moving my business online been an easy, seamless journey, but it is in the falling-short that I have learned how to pick myself back up and keep moving forward. As I always tell our members, it is simply about showing up. If you don’t show up you cannot try. If you don’t try you cannot fail. If you don’t give yourself the opportunity to fail you rob yourself of the chance of succeeding! So what are you waiting for?! Set your alarms : MAY 31ST 2021!

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