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Slow Advanced Vinyasa
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Meditation : accepting pain
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Slow Advanced Vinyasa
25 October 2020
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Incorporating traditional poses to create an advanced class means there will be elements to the sequence that will require determination and drive. For many of us, taking things at a slower pace can be very much out of our comfort zone, so be prepared to be challenged if you are used to going high speed! In this class you will definitely feel intense sensation as we explore advanced peak poses incorporating the strength and engagement cultivated throughout the flow. Shoulder openers and oblique strength will assist you in attempting our peak pose, Visvamitrasana – It’s a twist! It’s a standing pose! It’s an arm balance! The super-pose Visvamitrasana is all of those things and more.

15 Minute Leg WOD
25 October 2020
Meditation : accepting pain
25 October 2020

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