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Creative Movement Masterclass

(focus splits)

October 12th 12-2PM

2 hours of non stop movement and fun. MOLLY IS BACK and ready to explore the fluidity of movement and acknowledge, together, the beauty and strength our bodies encompass. If you are a yoga addict, or if you simply love to explore the energy that resides in body-mind connection, then this extended Vinyasa Flow class is going to be where weekend activities died and went to heaven! See you on the mat.

“Absolutely epic master class! Welcome back molly! My first two hour class – you can so much deeper into poses and the time flew. You’ll be left wanting a two hour session every day. Cannot recommend it highly enough.” – Ruadhan Donnelly

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Myofascial Miracle Workshop

October 26th 12-2PM

Molly is bringing you her signature teaching style that is unparalleled in that it is created to tune into YOUR unique strength, transforming your physical capabilities and shedding any limits you may have bound yourself to previously. Molly has a deep passion for all forms of movement and her signature class is a combination of her favourites : strength training, animal flow, myofascial meridian trains, callisthenics. This workshop is designed to transform your entire body with high intensity sequences and untraditional yoga movements in a dynamic and fun sequence. We will incorporate arm balances, back bending and hip focused strength in order to find full body awareness.

This yoga teacher has a drive to push her own abilities while tuning into the fierce sense of living that comes with the presence of a strong yoga practice – and she is here to share it with YOU! Join Molly for two hours of exploration and let’s together feel the high of unearthing our true strength and myofascial miracle.

Private Customised Workshop

Molly will help each student to build confidence in any area of their yoga practice which they find they struggle with or would love to master. Whether you are aiming to increase shoulder mobility, create beautiful spinal compression in back bending, or explore the wonders of standing upside down – Molly will customize a 1/2 hour workshop aimed at smashing your yoga goals!

Molly’s playful, creative and challenging classes are inspired by her interest in a myriad of different styles of yoga. Having discovered her passion for the practice while living in New York, she has since travelled the globe to get her ‘fix’ both as a teacher and student. Her teaching is relaxed yet firm and she trusts that the benefits of yoga are both mental and physical. Inspired by movement and art Molly helps you explore your creativity and embrace where you are in your yoga practice.

Email today to organise a time and class that suits you, or you and some yoga friends!

– Namaste 🙂

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