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Arm Balancing for Beginners

April 27th 12-2PM

A workshop specially designed for newer yogis, itching to develop this aspect of their practice. Join Clare for 2 hours of a strong vinyasa flow building our energy, breathing and strength into the core areas vital for developing strength and balance, especially into our core, hip flexors and shoulders.

We will build up to a range of arm balancing variations and forearm balancing preparations. You will learn lots of tips and drills to help you to build strength and space in your own time, in your own practice.

A good beginners base in yoga is all that’s required, no previous arm balancing necessary and be ready to spend a good bit of time on your arms!

Looking forward to practicing and sharing learnings together 🙂

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Pincha Play

May 4th 12-2PM

Forearm balance challenges range of motion and stability of the shoulder girdle while calling on core strength, balance, and flexibility. Whether you are nervous about going upside-down, or if you find some comfort there, this workshop with Molly promises to help you progress in this challenging pose.From muscle activation exercises, to building endurance, to working at the wall, and freedom of movement while inverted, this workshop will give you a fresh look at this iconic asana. All levels welcome, no prerequisites required.

Private Customised Workshop

Molly will help each student to build confidence in any area of their yoga practice which they find they struggle with or would love to master. Whether you are aiming to increase shoulder mobility, create beautiful spinal compression in back bending, or explore the wonders of standing upside down – Molly will customize a 1/2 hour workshop aimed at smashing your yoga goals!


Molly’s playful, creative and challenging classes are inspired by her interest in a myriad of different styles of yoga. Having discovered her passion for the practice while living in New York, she has since travelled the globe to get her ‘fix’ both as a teacher and student. Her teaching is relaxed yet firm and she trusts that the benefits of yoga are both mental and physical. Inspired by movement and art Molly helps you explore your creativity and embrace where you are in your yoga practice.


Email today to organise a time and class that suits you, or you and some yoga friends!

– Namaste 🙂

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